On this page, you will find links to all of the various forms that we use throughout the year!

Business Forms

2023-24 Institutional Fee

MMEA W-9 Form

Reimbursement Payment Form For MMEA 2023-24

Quarterly District Finance Report

Deposit Report

Event Gate Receipt Form

Add Insertion Form for the MMEA

All financial forms sent to the Beth Labrie, MMEA Executive Director:

C/o Beth LaBrie
270 Park Ave
Auburn, ME 04210


DEPOSITS For ANYONE who MANAGES an event or subheading of the budget:

  • Receive checks
  • Download and fill out either an EVENT Deposits spreadsheet OR an MMEA Deposit Report.  The Spreadsheet is in MS Excel format; the Report is in MS Word format; please use which ever you are most comfortable with.
  • FOR DEPOSITS fill in the Payor, check number, amount, and category.  The total income for your event will be shown at the bottom of the “yellow” column.
  • Make Deposits regularly leading into your event.  DO NOT WAIT until the event is completed to begin reconciling the event.
  • Make a FINAL deposit within two weeks of the completion of your event.
  • MAIL checks and EVENT Deposit reports to the MMEA Treasurer.


  • THE TREASURER MUST PAY ALL INVOICES/EXPENSES.  No pre-signed blank checks will be provided.
  • Prior to the date of an event, submit a MMEA Payment Request Form to the Treasurer by snail mail, email or fax.
  • Please categorize expenses based on the approved MMEA budget.
  • Invoices over budget must receive prior approval from the MMEA President to be paid.
  • Attach all invoices.
  • If checks are required for payment at the event, all Payment Request Forms must be received by the Treasurer at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the event.
  • Invoices received on the date of the event should be sent with a Payment Request Form.  Invoices will be paid within 2 weeks of receipt.

For ANYONE who uses one of the MMEA VISA cards:

  • MMEA uses Visa business debit cards.  Cards are issued to the President(s) and Treasurer.  These can be used anywhere a Visa credit card can.  However, you will NOT be able to get cash advances.
  • When making a purchase using an MMEA Visa Debit card, submit a MMEA Payment Request Form to treasurer by snail mail.
  • Please categorize expenses based on the approved MMEA budget.
  • Under “Check Number” at the top, write DEBIT.
  • Attach all receipts.

For ANYONE who needs to be REIMBURSED for personally incurred expenses:

  • Submit a MMEA Payment Request Form to treasurer by snail mail, email or fax.
  • Please categorize expenses based on the approved MMEA budget.
  • To be reimbursed for meal expenses, you must attach the bill.  Copies of credit card receipts are insufficient for reimbursement.  Remember:  MMEA does not reimburse for alcohol.
  • Attach all receipts.