Recording Instructions for Teachers

Vocal Recording Instructions

  • Video record yourself standing so that the adjudicator can see you
  • Do not sing directly into the camera.
  • If using a stand, be sure it is not blocking the camera from viewing you.
  • You must have a visible clock running throughout the recording. Editing the recording is not allowed.
  • Set up your recording area with a device to play the accompaniment and a different device to video record your audition. Test your recording to be sure that you have a good mixture of your singing and the accompaniment before actually starting your video submissions.
  • We have set this up with three different uploads so you will be able to change the accompaniment for each submission. You must submit three uploads.
  • One for the Art song
  • One for the Choral Song
  • One for the scale
  • Make sure you are singing the correct audition material provided by the MMEA.
Upload 1 – The Art Song
  1. State your name and what voice part you are auditioning for.
  2. Art Song  from 24 Italian Songs and Arias
  3. Announce the name of the required audition selection,
  4. Start the accompaniment and sing the solo.
Upload 2 – The Choral Song
  1. Choral Assessment –
  2. Announce the name of the required selection and what part you will be singing.
  3. Start the accompaniment (Part Missing – so the you can perform the part independently) and sing your part with the accompaniment. If you use the recording with their voice part you will not be scored.
Upload 3 – The Scale
  1. Scales must be memorized (no music stand)
Start the chord progression recording for your voice range and sing the scale.

Instrumental Recording Instructions (All Instruments)

  • Video record yourself sitting or standing so that the adjudicator can see you playing your instrument.
  • Do not play directly into the camera.
  • Adjust your stand so that it is not blocking the camera from filming your fingerings or slide technique.
  • You must have a visible clock running throughout the recording. Editing the recording is not allowed.
  • Make sure you are playing the correct audition material provided on the MMEA website.
  • State your name and what instrument you are auditioning on.
Audition Requirements: Woodwinds/Brass
You will be submitting three separate video submissions
Upload #1. Scales
  • All Scales must be memorized. Turn your music stand to face away from you and towards the camera so the adjudicator can see that you are not reading the scales.
  • Announce each scale before your play
  • Scale requirements – refer to the MMEA website for ranges and octaves (Do Not Play Concert Scales!)
  1. Play your  Eb Major Scale
  2. Play your A Major Scale
  3. Play your Chromatic Scale
Upload #2.  Lyric Etude
  • Announce the name of the required lyric etude before starting.
Upload #3. Technical Etude
  • Announce the name of the technical etude before starting.

Audition Requirements: Strings


Announce each scale before you play.

    1. The required scales are pre-selected, and for this year are:
    2. Violin: D major and C melodic minor, both in 3 octaves
    3. Viola/Cello: G major and F melodic minor, both in 3 octaves
    4. Bass, G major and E melodic minor, both in 2 octaves


Announce the name if the solo before you play. This is the solo piece from the audition piece rotation. The list of pieces is available through the “Auditions Materials” section of the website:


Announce the name of the excerpt before you play. The orchestral excerpt this year is taken from Johannes Brahm’s “Academic Festival Overture, and is available through the “Audition Materials” section of the website:

Welcome to the home of the BOC All-State Festival. On this page, you will find links to all the information needed for the BOC Festival including location, audition, and participation information. Please check back regularly for new information and we can add in additional information here to fill out this page a bit more along with any other relevant information and I will keep this nice long run-on sentence running for as long as possible because it would be nice to see a lot of information all in one easy to find location.

Clarification of Student Eligibility for 2020-21
All-State Auditions and Festivals

In-Person/Hybrid/Remote Students

Students who are enrolled in your school district and are taking school classes in whatever format/plan/color your school is in.

These students are eligible to audition and participate in All State provided they are enrolled in their school’s appropriate ensemble. Normally students must be enrolled for a full year. However for this year, 20-21, the board has adjusted that requirement because we received feedback that some schools have gone to a 4×4 block schedule and now their ensembles/classes only meet for 1 semester.

So if your Concert Band is meeting 1st Semester but not 2nd Semester or your Chamber Choir is meeting 2nd Semester instead of 1st Semester your students are still eligible.

However if your district has an enrolled student who is choosing not to participate in your program, those students would not be eligible for auditions or the festival.

Homeschool Students

Students who live in but are not enrolled in your school district. They are not taking school classes and are following an independent homeschool plan.

These students are eligible! As their local school music teacher you are simply asked to serve as conduit of information to the students and their parents/guardians. You would forward any pertinent information about auditions and then information about the festival should the student be accepted. These homeschool students do not need to be enrolled in a school ensemble.

In the past we have generally had a handful of homeschool students participate each year. Some schools require the student to pay all the audition and festival fees while other schools help to cover part of the expenses. We leave that up to the individual schools to decide.

I hope that helps!

If you have any questions about eligibility please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Kristen Thomas
Maine All State BOTC Festival Chair