Mission Statement


To promote and advance Music Education by providing a voice and venue for advocacy and advancement of Music Education in Maine.

Strategic Plan

Maine Music Educators Association 

Strategic Plan


To promote and advance music education by providing a voice and venue for advocacy and advancement of music education in Maine.

Values: (adapted from NAfME Strategic Plan)

Community: Collaborating with our family of associations, members, and partners to carry out our mission.

Stewardship: Empowering volunteerism and strategically developing leadership, fostering a spirit of accountability and a culture of giving of our time, talents and resources.

Comprehensiveness: Uplifting the human spirit and providing opportunities for all students to create, perform, respond, and connect to all styles of music.

Inclusion and Equity:  Building strength and promoting diversity in a profession representing the with spectrum of people and cultures, abilities, economic backgrounds, geographic location and gender identities.

Innovation: Enhancing music teaching and association program management through combining effective and dynamic new practices with proven strategies in the context of our changing global community.

Strategic Directions:





Ensure data driven governance practices and decision making to advance and maintain the association we serve.

a. Attain and maintain event and director and officer insurance for MMEA and districts.

b. Review and revamp handbook including job descriptions, timeline for each job.

c. Develop and use self evaluation models.

d. Align financial documents and policies for MMEA and all districts.

Actively encourage and activate music educators in Maine to be members of our organization.

a. Develop and maintain a statewide directory of music educators.

b. Attain and maintain a email sending service such as “constant contact”.  

c. Kick off and promote a statewide membership campaign focusing around the 2017 centennial celebration.

Inform, engage and activate the public, policymakers and educational leaders to support music as an integral and core component of a comprehensive and balanced education accessible to all students. (adapted by NAfME Strategic Plan)

a. Develop and maintain a voice at the state level focusing upon the implementation of the ESSA.

b.Promote a State Hill Day, modeled after NAfME Hill Day.

c.Name an advocacy chair to serve on the NAfME Advocacy Leadership Force (ALF

d.Support “Stand up for Students” legislation.

Ensure practices that allow all members and students to have equal access to mmea events and activities regardless of cultures, abilities, economic backgrounds, geographic location and gender identities.

a. Maintain the work with MALI to send teacher leaders out to share workshops.  Develop a library of webinars focusing on All State prep.

b. Evaluate what the membership fees cover to include workshops?

c. Advocate for the use of title IV funds in the ESSA for professional development.

d. Promote scholarship opportunities to membership.


Developed 7/6/16