November 4: Northern Site (Houlton) No Strings auditions at this site

November 11:  Harp Auditions (USM after 2:00 P.M.)

November 17 and 18: Southern Site (Biddeford)​

December 1 and 2: Central Site (Skowhegan)

Audition Fees

The fee is $22.00 through the 2018-19 school year.


All State Auditions: No Pay, No Play!

This is just a friendly reminder that all students must have their auditions fees paid PRIOR to

their scheduled audition, or they will not be allowed to audition.  If any student is

auditioning at a different site than your assigned site, at least THAT audition must be paid

or before they may audition.  If you have students that will be arriving with a chaperone at

n earlier time than your bus, at least THAT student must be paid before they may audition.

PLEASE be sure that your student doesn't get caught in a book keeping time warp. We know

our students take these auditions seriously and no one wants them to stress anything

because the check didn't arrive.  If you need to hand carry it (which I believe all of the sites

expect at this point), please make sure you have it in your hand and in the hands of the

registration tables the moment you arrive at auditions.

If you have one student earlier than the others, that student can deliver the check with their

chaperone if need be, but please adhere to our strict 'No Pay, No Play' policy to avoid any

inconvenience.  The absolute worst thing that we have to do is tell a student that they may

not audition unless the fee is paid.